Football Teamwear

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  1. Field Shirt Long Sleeved

    Price (6-49) £8.40 ex vat
  2. Liga Long Sleeved Top

    Price (6-49) £15.50 ex vat
  3. Centro Padded Coaches Jacket

    Price (6-49) £45.50 ex vat
  4. Field Shorts

    Price (6-49) £4.75 ex vat
  5. Forza Sock

    Price (6-49) £5.50 ex vat
  6. Uni Sock

    Price (6-49) £5.50 ex vat
  7. Combi Sock

    Price (6-49) £5.50 ex vat
  8. Field T-Shirt Short Sleeved

    Price (6-49) £6.50 ex vat
  9. Field T-Shirt Long Sleeved

    Price (6-49) £8.25 ex vat
  10. Pisa Shorts

    Price (6-49) £9.50 ex vat
  11. Futura Long Sleeved Shirt

    Price (6-49) £11.00 ex vat
  12. High Impact Goalkeepers Sock

    Price (6-49) £11.50 ex vat
  13. Campione Shirt Long Sleeved

    Price (6-49) £12.00 ex vat
  14. Field Jacket

    Price (6-49) £13.50 ex vat
  15. Field Half Zip

    Price (6-49) £14.00 ex vat
  16. Torino Long Sleeved

    Price (6-49) £14.00 ex vat
  17. Field Hooded Top Full Zip

    Price (6-49) £14.50 ex vat
  18. Field Pants

    Price (6-49) £15.00 ex vat
  19. Centro All Weather Top

    Price (6-49) £18.00 ex vat
  20. Centro Hooded Sweat

    Price (6-49) £21.50 ex vat
  21. Centro All Weather Jacket

    Price (6-49) £24.00 ex vat
  22. Centro All Season Jacket

    Price (6-49) £28.00 ex vat
  23. Nitro Goalkeeper Set

    Price (6-49) £33.00 ex vat

23 Items

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Design your own Stanno Football Teamwear

The Stanno clothing range is vast and suitable for almost every sport. Primarily Stanno is known as a Football brand here within the U.K but is actually a huge multi sport European supplier of clothing. They have a vast array of colour choice and sizing available. Their full site is available here here

Why choose us?

We firmly believe in having one point of contact. One member of staff will guide you through the printing and embroidery order process from start to finish. Your point of contact is experienced in graphic design and customer service so you don't have to be an artwork or design genius. We do it for you! You can discuss your order, get regular updates and make any changes or late additions with one person. This is fundamental to creating a fantastic working relationship with our customers. We have thousands of repeat order customers who year on year deal with the same staff member and are a testament to our level of customer care and quality of work.

Superlogo Ltd has been trading for over 15 Years. Superlogo are part of Sports Warehouse Ltd which has been supplying sports and outdoor equipment to schools and individuals for over 45 years. We are an independent family run and owned business and really care about the level of service and quality we supply our customers. Our Quality Control team check over each item individually before it’s shipped out. We’re a bunch of perfectionists here, so nothing leaves our warehouse unless we’d be happy to wear it ourselves.