Embroidered Shirts

We are one of the UK’s largest suppliers of embroidered shirts. We recommend embroidery onto your corporate staff uniform shirts as this gives the most professional and long-lasting results. We have oxford shirts with button down collars, business shirts, non-iron shirts, short sleeved shirts and poplin shirts. Embroidered shirts are very popular in the hospitality and bar industry with many choosing a matching apron or tie to compliment. Whatever your requirements and budget we will have a shirt that will meet your needs. We supply premium brands such as Russell, Premier and Henbury.

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  1. Long Sleeve Fitted "Friday Bar Shirt"

    Plain from: £6.85 ex vat
  2. Colours' Poplin Fitted Long Sleeve Shirt

    Plain from: £8.75 ex vat
  3. Short Sleeve Shirt

    Plain from: £9.20 ex vat
  4. Long Sleeve Shirt

    Plain from: £9.80 ex vat
  5. Roll Sleeve Poplin Shirt

    Plain from: £9.80 ex vat
  6. Short Sleeve Polycotton Easycare Poplin Shirt

    Plain from: £10.20 ex vat
  7. Signature Oxford Short Sleeve Shirt

    Plain from: £10.20 ex vat
  8. Microcheck (Gingham) Cotton Shirt

    Plain from: £10.25 ex vat
  9. Long sleeve polycotton easycare poplin

    Plain from: £11.05 ex vat
  10. Microcheck (Gingham) Long Sleeve Cotton Shirt

    Plain from: £11.20 ex vat
  11. Signature Oxford Long Sleeve Shirt

    Plain from: £11.20 ex vat
  12. Sidehill Check Cotton Long Sleeve Shirt

    Plain from: £11.20 ex vat
  13. Ginmill Check Cotton Long Sleeve Shirt

    Plain from: £11.20 ex vat
  14. Mulligan Check Cotton Long Sleeve Shirt

    Plain from: £11.20 ex vat
  15. Short Sleeved Easycare Tailored Oxford shirt

    Plain from: £12.05 ex vat
  16. Mandarin Collar Fitted Shirt Long Sleeve

    Plain from: £12.50 ex vat
  17. Short Sleeve Pure Cotton Easycare Shirt

    Plain from: £12.60 ex vat
  18. Long Sleeve Easycare Oxford Shirt

    Plain from: £13.55 ex vat
  19. Jeans Stitch Denim Shirt

    Plain from: £14.35 ex vat
  20. Gamegear® Sportsman Shirt Short Sleeve

    Plain from: £14.45 ex vat
  21. Long sleeve Easycare Fitted Shirt

    Plain from: £15.10 ex vat
  22. Sebring Formula Racing® Shirt Short Sleeve

    Plain from: £16.35 ex vat
  23. Long Sleeve Herringbone Shirt

    Plain from: £16.50 ex vat
  24. Kiwi Short Sleeved Shirt

    Plain from: £20.90 ex vat
  25. Kiwi Long Sleeved Shirt

    Plain from: £24.05 ex vat
  26. Short Sleeve Easycare Oxford Shirt

    Plain from: £12.05 ex vat
  27. Jack Denim Shirt

    Plain from: £12.75 ex vat
  28. Long Sleeve Pure Cotton Easycare Poplin Shirt

    Plain from: £13.10 ex vat
  29. Bar Shirt Short Sleeve

    Plain from: £13.15 ex vat
  30. Long Sleeved Easycare Tailored Oxford

    Plain from: £13.55 ex vat
  31. Short Sleeve Classic Oxford Shirt

    Plain from: £13.80 ex vat
  32. Short Sleeve Classic Twill Shirt

    Plain from: £14.00 ex vat
  33. Short Sleeve Easycare Fitted Shirt

    Plain from: £14.35 ex vat
  34. Short Sleeve Herringbone Shirt

    Plain from: £14.95 ex vat
  35. Bar Shirt Mandarin Collar Long Sleeve

    Plain from: £15.70 ex vat

Items 1-36 of 44

per page
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Design your own custom shirts

All you need to do is select the garment code that you’d like to personalise, decide how many you think you will be ordering and send us your artwork or ideas. Once we have all of this information, one of our experienced Graphic Design team can then provide an electronic proof of how your order will look and supply an exact quote.

Why choose us?

We firmly believe in having one point of contact. One member of staff will guide you through the printing and embroidery experience from start to finish. Your point of contact will be experienced in graphic design and customer service so you don't have to be an artwork or design genius. We do it for you! You can discuss your order, get regular updates and make any changes or late additions with one person. This is fundamental to creating a fantastic working relationship with our customers. We have thousands of repeat order customers who year on year deal with the same staff member and are a testament to our level of customer care and quality of work.

Superlogo Ltd has been trading for over 15 Years. Superlogo are part of Sports Warehouse Ltd which has been supplying sports and outdoor equipment to schools and individuals for over 45 years. We are an independent family run and owned business and really care about the level of service and quality we supply our customers. Our Quality Control team check over each item individually before it’s shipped out. We’re a bunch of perfectionists here, so nothing leaves our warehouse unless we’d be happy to wear it ourselves.