Why You Should Get Personalised Onesies

Going on tour is one of the best experiences for a club or team. You get to spend time with great friends, just to compete in the activity or sport you love. Personalised clothing adds another way you can feel part of the team, and provides a fond and long-lasting reminder of your time together. During your matches, you’ll undoubtedly have some sort of uniform, but have you ever thought about your options out of the game? The answer surely has to be onesies.

Whether you love them or hate them, onesies symbolise everything fun and comfortable. By getting personalised onesies for your team, you can travel from place to place in comfort, and maintain your team spirit even when you’re not competing. By ensuring that your team is as comfortable as possible, you only increase your chances of achieving your shared goal. You can even wear them when you’re travelling from place to place; they act as a great cover for any pristine uniforms and, once more, help you feel comfortable before a match or competition.

You don’t even need to be part of a team to get a personalised onesie. Your group could be going on holiday, at which point, onesies make a perfect change from the usual t-shirt. As the winter months draw in, or you’ve chosen a cold place to visit, onesies offer the ideal combination of warmth and comfort, making them brilliant to travel in. Once you’ve added some funny nicknames to them, not only do you signify your group of friends are together for a good time, but you’ll find it far easier to fall asleep on the way there or back.

If you’re leaving school or sixth form, this is another great opportunity to mix things up and order leavers’ onesies, instead of a traditional hoodie. With so many people sporting a leavers’ hoodie nowadays, they no longer feel as special as they used to. You can take your leavers’ onesie to university with you, allowing you to roam campus in comfort, whilst maintaining your individuality.

Onesies are fast becoming staple loungewear, with many people owning at least one for a cold day in the house. Why not make yours stand out from the crowd and get it personalised for a special occasion? At Superlogo, we use cutting edge technology to personalised garments for you. A member of our expert staff will advise you on the most cost effective and suitable method of personalisation based on your quantity and budget.