Why Wear Polo Shirts?

The polo shirt is sports casual staple wear enjoyed by people of all sexes the world over. Originating as a tennis shirt in 1929 when the French tennis champion, Rene Lacoste casually adorned a short-sleeved pique knit collared shirt with buttoned placket.

Today, Lacoste is one of the most recognisable garment designs in the world with brands designing polo shirts of their own. Indeed, the polo shirt has come a long way since simply placing a crocodile design on an open neck shirt. Here are the top five features to consider when choosing a logo and polo shirt.

Fabric Colour and Texture

The original polo shirts were 100% cotton. This is still the dominant fabric today. Tanguis and Pima cotton are noted for being soft, durable and of the finest quality as well as being wrinkle-resistant and less likely to shrink.

The texture of the fabric is also important. The texture determines how the polo shirt will look and feel. Jersey’s are casual and inexpensive, often used for t-shirts and is a sound option for screen printing and embroidery. Pique is the original polo shirt fabric. With a double-knit design, it’s very comfortable and offers interesting colour tonal effects.

The Features

Polo shirts have a wealth of practical benefits to those who wear them. Moisture management polo shirts promote comfortable wearing and can keep you cool and dry. These attributes make them very popular with golfers. The fabric can also be treated prior to sale so that any spills can be easily removed.

Branding Opportunities  

An additional advantage of polo shirts is that they offer great branding opportunities to showcase a business, product or service. Professional athletes such as golfers and tennis players have a wealth of logos and text on their polo shirt. From the sports brand, Nike or Adidas to other businesses, the opportunity is there to decorate a polo shirt with all manner of designs.


Polo shirts can be designed in one bold colour or with a multi-coloured design. This is one of the benefits of the garment – its colour flexibility. Designers often opt to have colour panels. Typically, this consists of the sleeves being one colour and the chest being another. This makes the polo shirt appear all the more aesthetically-appealing.

These are just a few of the ways that you can enjoy a polo shirt that meets all your personal design and functionality needs.