The Worst Advice You’re Likely to Hear About Logos

What’s in a logo? Quite a lot actually if you are marketing your company. Print or embroider garments with a company logo and you have a sense of identity, you get noticed, and that’s crucial in the business world.

Designing a good logo takes skill. You’ll be given stacks of advice if you are starting this process from the beginning, as long as you avoid these negative pearls of wisdom, you should be fine.

Bad advice for logo design

You don’t need a brief

Erm, actually you do. From the outset make sure you know where you are heading with the logo design by creating a brief. This will be the blueprint for the project and it’ll help to connect all parties associated with the logo design.  The brief is the first element of logo design. Start out with clear objectives and there’s less likelihood for failure.

Getting personal is fine

There’s a theory that any successful logo needs the personal touch. This is fine as long as the designer you choose doesn’t become too caught up in the main design process and fails to listen to your ideas. Skilled logo designers know how to create schemes for their target audience, and they also take their needs into account, without ‘over-personalising’ the project.

USPs are dead

Unique selling points help to make your company and as such, they are a vital design element. They give your business an identity, they’re your corporate DNA – these are the factors that help you to stand out from the crowd. So any logo designer that says they don’t need to understand your unique selling points is a disgrace to the industry.  From the outset a designer should ask what your USPs are and what makes your business different from the rest.

Bad advice can make the difference between success and failure when it comes to logo design. Plus poorly printed logos look bad for business, so don’t make this mistake, leave this to our professional garment printing team here at Superlogo.