Everything You Need to Know About Screen Printing

What is screen printing?

Screen printing is a method of garment personalisation, using think layers of ink that sit on top of the t-shirt or hoodie, rather than sinking in. If your design has only one or two colours, screen printing can be the best option to use. This is because the thick ink will make the colours extremely clear and bright and can offer a great visual effect. The ink is soft to the touch, and screen printing is often the most economical choice for larger quantities of t-shirts. We’ve found that the the ink we use to screen print our t-shirts bonds to the fabric provides the most durable and clearest image, when compared to other methods.

How does screen printing work?

When we print screen your garments, a thin mesh is pulled over a polyester frame. A negative of the design in then printed on the screen and placed against the t-shirt. Once the frame is set over the t-shirt correctly, ink is rolled over the screen. The ink is then on the t-shirt in the correct design and set aside to dry. Screen printing works really well with simple logos, t-shirts with text and team names. Additionally, it works with light t-shirts just as well as dark ones, which gives in an edge over other methods such as DTG printing. Screen printing is versatile, too. Not only can we screen print your t-shirts and hoodies, we can print a variety of jackets, onesies, trousers and shorts.

At Superlogo, we print all t-shirts and other garments ourselves, to ensure a high quality finish and the fastest possible turnaround time. We screen print for a wide variety of clubs, societies and teams. If you’re unsure whether screen printing is the right option for your personalised clothing, contact us to talk to one of our friendly members of staff, who will be happy to talk you through the different options available.

Additionally, if you can’t provide the artwork you want printed on your t-shirt, contact us to see if using our own artwork and design service is an option that would suit you.

We provide personalised clothing for men, women and children for a variety of occasions, such as sports teams, leavers’ hoodies and trips and holidays.