Could You Pass this Towel Test?

In theory towel shopping should be easy. You head to a retail store, grab a towel off the shelf and pop it into your basket, prior to heading to the point of sale. Do this and you’ll probably end up with the wrong type of towel. There’s a lot more to towel buying than first meets the eye, if you want to purchase luxury towels keep reading for handy hints and try to pass our little test.

Large Towels

First things first, get to know your sizes before you even think about buying a towel. The size is important if you want to avoid drying yourself with something that closely resembles a flannel! Towel sizes vary but they are normally divided into the following categories.

  • Face Cloths – smallest
  • Hand Towels
  • Bath Towels
  • Bath Sheets – largest

Luxury Towels

Once you know your sizes, consider the quality of the towels. This can vary from very basic, budget options to the most lavish, luxurious Egyptian Cotton Towels. In most households this is the most popular choice, and one of our specialties at Superlogo. Our Egyptian cotton towels are super soft with a luxurious pile, they benefit from excellent absorbency.  Other options include Supima, Waffle or Standard versions but we think Egyptian is best.

Monogrammed Towels

Did you know you can have towels embroidered with your choice of monogram? This is the perfect way to personalise towels, and make them more unique to your bathroom. Think of glitzy hotels and recreate that look with monogrammed towels in bathrooms around your home.


Next consider the borders around the edges of the towels and think about how long they are likely to last. Hard-wearing twill borders provide long-lasting usage, they are less likely to fray, or start to look tatty after a number of washes.

Memorise this list and you’ll be able to pass any towel test with flying colours!