The Worst Advice You’re Likely to Hear About Logos

What’s in a logo? Quite a lot actually if you are marketing your company. Print or embroider garments with a company logo and you have a sense of identity, you get noticed, and that’s crucial in the business world.

Designing a good logo takes skill. You’ll be given stacks of advice if you are starting this process from the beginning, as long as you avoid these negative pearls of wisdom, you should be fine. Continue reading

Five Quick Tips About Jogging

Jogging is a great way to get fit, lose weight and tone leg muscles, so it’s little wonder this is a well-liked type of exercise.  Whilst it’s a popular way for people to get fit, jogging can also be a little intimidating at first, in the early days, this will be a shock to your system, especially if you haven’t taken part in any form of physical exercise for a while.   Continue reading