Top places to wear DofE onesies

We’re proud to be one of the Duke of Edinburgh’s official clothing partners at Superlogo and especially happy about the great selection of onesies we have in our DofE range. If you don’t know what a onesie is, where have you been hiding, surely you must know they’re one of the hottest items of leisurewear to own right now? Onesies are snuggly and perfect for wearing for all types of occasions, buy one, step in and zip it up, wear it in the following places. Continue reading

Hi Visibility clothing – what to look for, what to ignore

It’s common to see hi visibility clothing today, as safety standards improve there’s a growing need for workers to be ‘seen and safe’ as they go about their daily duties. Hi vis clothing is normally worn in busy, outdoor environments, it’s worn in many industries, cyclists wear it and you’ll even spot it on the school run as mums and children take part in ‘walk to school’ schemes wearing fluorescent garments. High visibility clothing comes in different classes so it’s a good idea to learn a little more about each different class before you make a purchase. Here’s a brief breakdown. Continue reading

10 essentials to pack for the gym

We stock a diverse range of training wear at Superlogo from sports t-shirts to tracksuits and jogging bottoms. If you are serious about getting in shape we’re serious about supplying you with the garments you need to keep fit and tone your body. Going to the gym is a good way to get fit and we’d recommend these basics if you are joining as a new member. Continue reading

How to celebrate leaving school

Leaving school is a monumental occasion whether you are taking the leap from year 6 in juniors to year 7 at high school or heading off to college in the autumn. It’s customary to celebrate at this time but what can kids do to have a little fun? These are our top tips for end of year celebrations, hope you have fun! Continue reading

How to get a sponsor for your football kit

Getting financial backing to pay for a new football kit isn’t easy, especially if you are trying to replace the kit for your school team and parents are grumbling about the cost. One way to find extra funds is to get your team sponsored, this way the money the sponsors provide can pay for the kit. In theory that sounds simple but how do you get a sponsor to part with their cash? We’ve been mulling this over in the office at Superlogo and came up with this battle plan. Continue reading

4 things to consider for when you pick a school football kit

If you had to choose a new football kit for your school where would you begin? It’s a pretty daunting task when you think about it. The team are going to have to wear this kit right through the season, get it wrong and it’s the last time they’ll ask you to order shorts and jerseys. Cover the basics when you are choosing a new football kit though and the team and school board will hold you in high esteem. We’ve listed four key points to consider. Continue reading