Projob Painters Trousers 5509

Projob Painters Trousers 5509
Product Information
Code: Projob Trousers 5509

Two deep side pockets with Cordura® reinforcements at the sides. Polyester reinforcement in front of thigh and in the rear protecting the user from paint absorption. Sold with two loose-hanging pockets. One D-ring in front. Leg pocket with telephone pocket, pen pocket and tool pocket. Folding rule pocket with tool pocket, pen pocket and knife button. Knee protector pockets in Cordura®, opening from the inside, height of knee protectors adjustable. Bottom of back side of legs reinforced with Cordura®. Exterior back pockets. Back pockets and leg pockets are adapted for Inbags.

Material: 100% cotton 330 g/m2
Reinforcements: 100% polyester/polyamide, knee protectors in Cordura®

Colour: White-00

Sizes: C44-C62, D84-D120, C146-C156

Providing that the garment is in stock, delivery will take 2-3 working days. However if it's out of stock it can take up to 2 weeks to deliver this product.
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